Active Seniors' Options, Inc. is dedicated to enhancing successful aging through its collaborative efforts in education, training, research, and community service.

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    Services & Products
Passport to Wellness Video, a 4.5-minute overview (may take a moment to load).

Caregiver Modules and Survey from Fall, 2011 presentations.

Multidimensional Functional Screening & Assessment slides from Dr. Gingold's recent presentations.

Guidelines for Alzheimer's Disease Management

Results from 2010 Survey of Illinois Senior Centers

Referral and membership-building products and services for healthcare providers, financial services, and other senior-focused organizations.

Vitality in Aging

Passport to Wellness


 Education & Training
    Sage for Aging Tips
Conferences, seminars, and other Continuing Education opportunities for numerous types of health and allied service professionals.

Slides and other materials from seminars

The Sage for Aging database contains practical advice for assisting with common tasks and recurring behavioral issues in caring for the elderly.



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A list of web sites that offer information and assistance to the elderly and their caregivers. How to get in touch with Active Seniors' Options, Inc.