Do Good Door County has been developed to address aging concerns in Door County, Wisconsin.  Our mission (draft) is:  

Do Good Door County is dedicated to building a dynamic, collaborative community which will enhance, enrich and respect the aging experience in Door County.

Do Good Door County aspires to be a widely trusted organization for developing and/or implementing programs and initiatives that would further the betterment of Door residents by:  

  • Making significant inroads into the addressing the concerns set forth in the They is Us statements.

  • Fully cultivating the components of the Aging with Ease in Door County program, in line with Age Friendly, Dementia Friendly initiatives and others with demonstrated success.

  • Collaborating in excellence with local organizations, municipalities and institutions to enhance the aging experience.

  • Achieving sustainability in board development, finances, programming and planning.

    Interested in learning more or joining our efforts?  Email or call us at 920-495-0661.